It would be unnatural not to always want more.

It’s part of the human growth process,

A lifelong endeavor.

But I guess it’s about redefining what happiness is

to me…it’s an overall feeling of harmony.

Yes, I need a new job. Yes, I should get married. Yes, I could be living a healthier lifestyle.

But I am healthy enough, I have good friends and family (though the drama within fluctuates), and I have money (just not a lot).

So really…the question should be, what exactly is making you unhappy/unsatisfied?

Are you going to wait until you’re 40 to say… “Oh, I’m happy now” because you have a job, a house, and a wife?

Probably not…you’re going to be like, I could be richer, my wife could be sweeter, my house could be nicer.

And then you realize you’ve been chasing it your whole life, feeling like something is missing, when you should have just lived in the present and appreciated how good you had it.